Why Idealist Consulting Is Focused on Innovation During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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By: Rob Jordan | 5.13.20

Right now, the challenges facing our communities, clients, and country are significant. We know that our colleagues within the nonprofit sphere have been especially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Many organizations have been forced to shift their priorities and operations considerably in order to continue their mission-critical work. Idealist Consulting has chosen to focus our efforts on three areas we know need our support right now: our local community, our clients, and our country. We hope to lead by example to encourage our community’s growth and innovation during this crisis. Below is the breakdown of our efforts.



While serving as CEO of Idealist Consulting, I (along with Idealist resources) am also volunteering as Board Chair to the international nonprofit organization, Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), and assisting in their COVID-19 response efforts. EO is a global business network of 14,000+ leading entrepreneurs in 196 chapters and 62 countries. EO provides invaluable resources in the form of leadership-development programs, educational opportunities and more, to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations succeed.


In Portland alone, our efforts have supported over 150 EO members who represent various agencies, restaurants, manufacturers, salons, gyms, law firms, and nonprofit organizations. We’re working in tandem with EO to help these members navigate the new COVID-19 economy, addressing issues such as: how to successfully secure a PPP loan, how to transition to a virtual office space, and ideas for adopting innovative technologies to move forward in this time of crisis. 



Idealist Consulting’s Marketing team is working hard to translate our industry knowledge into helpful resources for nonprofits facing challenges in the new COVID-19 economy. You can find this growing list of resources for nonprofits on our blog. We’ve also accelerated our publishing schedule, producing more forward-looking content with innovative approaches to fundraising and marketing strategy in light of the paradigm shift toward a potentially long-term model of remote work and social distancing.



Idealist Consulting dedicates a portion of our profits to research and development. To that end, we have decided to channel our R&D efforts to develop a scalable solution that will support nonprofits across all verticals. Our ultimate goal is to encourage innovation in nonprofits’ programmatic efforts. 

As always, Idealist Consulting remains focused on supporting and advancing the missions of nonprofit organizations. We hope our initiatives will help move nonprofits forward in a positive direction.


Rob Jordan




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