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7 Salesforce Projects We Worked on This Year

12.10.20 By: Luis Sevilla

We finally made it to the final month of the year, and what a year it has been. But even with all the current events going on, one thing we’re grateful for at Idealist Consulting is being able to work with some great organizations.

Throughout the year, we have worked with many organizations who all use Salesforce differently. Every organization has different needs and processes — making every project unique in its way. To give you a taste of what some of these projects look like, below you’ll find a round-up of organizations we worked with this year and how they are using Salesforce.

The James Beard Foundation

Known for awarding the Oscars of food, The James Beard Foundation is a large organization that grew out of its old CRM. Before switching to Salesforce, The James Beard Foundation was using NeonCRM. But NeonCRM didn’t provide the flexibility for The James Beard Foundation to grow, and this caused problems and a lack of trust in the technology. The foundation teamed up with Idealist Consulting to help move them off Neon CRM and onto Salesforce. Salesforce allows them the flexibility to grow, make better data-driven decisions, and boosts staff confidence in the technology.


mParticle has a Salesforce story that might sound familiar to some organizations. Salesforce responsibilities at mParticle were split between two staff members, instead of having a dedicated admin. But as the staff members grew busier with other pressing responsibilities, Salesforce became less of a priority. mParticle didn’t require a full-time Salesforce admin, but they needed some Salesforce support to tackle the growing list of tasks. So they partnered with Idealist Consulting for admin support, which granted them a dedicated consultant to help them with Salesforce projects. The admin support lightened mParticle’s workload and allowed the staff to just worry about big Salesforce projects, rather than the day-to-day tasks. 


Like many of us have this year, One22 had to quickly change its processes in response to COVID-19. When the pandemic struck their region they received a surge of donations they needed to redirect back into the community, but at the time they had no way to quickly distribute relief funds. With the help of a consultant from Idealist Consulting, One22 was able to restructure their financial relief program processes in Salesforce, which significantly decreased the amount of time it took to distribute financial relief to families who urgently needed it.

Empowerment Plan

At the start of the year, Empowerment Plan was using Salesforce but not to its full potential due to unorganized data. So they teamed up with Idealist Consulting to have them optimize their data and implement NPSP. This led to better reporting that guided them to improve their donor engagement and increase their funding. After cleaning up Salesforce, Empowerment Plan then decided to further their use of Salesforce by moving program management off spreadsheets and into Salesforce. The move to Salesforce now allows them to keep better track of participants and programs, and it gives staff flexibility they didn’t have with spreadsheets.

Fund for Public Health in NYC

What’s the point of having rich data if you can’t get the most out of it? The Fund for Public Health in NYC had collected plenty of data throughout the years, but had no good way to search, report, and make connections between the data. By working with Idealist Consulting, they migrated to Salesforce and set it up so that it is easy to navigate and find connections between records.

Health Care for All

Health Care for All (HCFA) had been using Salesforce to help Massachusetts residents sign up for public health benefits through its HelpLine and decided that it would extend its use of Salesforce for its advocacy and grassroots organizing work. Salesforce helps them better track volunteers and strategically send resources to community leaders to help fight for healthcare for all Massachusetts residents.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service 

Refugee resettlement is complicated, but Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) helps make it easier. As part of the resettlement process, LIRS services a refugee’s interest-free resettlement loan. But before they adopted Salesforce, the servicing unit’s loan system was unreliable and inefficient. After deciding it was time for a better system, LIRS partnered with Idealist Consulting to implement Salesforce for their loan servicing needs. Now, the loan servicing unit spends a lot less time doing administrative work and more time helping refugees.

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