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Head to head: Apsona vs. Conga

8.16.13 By: Kirsten Kippen

We’re debuting a new blog feature this month – head-to-head solution comparison infographics. We’ll choose two top solutions and break down the pros and cons of each.  This month we’re comparing the mail merge solutions Apsona Email and Document Merge and Conga Composer through an infographic – take a peek and let us know at if you have ideas for future head-to-heads! 

Update: solutions change frequently! Here are a few clarifying notes about Conga:

  • Composer can merge into PDF forms as well as HTML email templates
  • Conga Composer / Mail Merge can merge directly from Salesforce report data
  • Field naming: while Conga does follow Salesforce field naming to create the merge fields, it is able to "alias" those fields in the template and alias SOQL query results


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