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Three Next-Level Web Form Use Cases for Nonprofits

8.15.19 By: Partner

This guest post was written by Maggie Tharp of FormAssembly, an enterprise web form building platform. As Creative Manager, Maggie enjoys strategizing the best ways to share FormAssembly's story and promote the benefits of the platform across multiple communication channels. 


There are dozens of ways that nonprofits can use web forms to move toward their goals. Donation forms collect vital funding, volunteer application forms collect information for motivated people who want to donate their time to a cause, event registration forms ensure attendees for fundraisers and seminars, and the list goes on! 

We’ve compiled some awesome web form use cases below. Read on for great ideas on how to use web forms in your nonprofit organization. 


1. Pachamama’s Educational Travel Program Forms

The Pachamama Alliance is an organization dedicated to helping the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest preserve their home and culture. Additionally, they aim to educate others and promote a more sustainable world through insights gained in their research. With the help of Idealist Consulting, Pachamama made the switch to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Package and streamlined forms for their educational travel program with the implementation of FormAssembly. The forms allow travelers to submit an initial deposit online, and they trigger emails with a link to pay the remaining balance. 

Read the case study.


2. Second City Canine Rescue’s Adoption Applications

Second City Canine Rescue, an organization centered around the goal of matching homeless pets with forever families, initially reached out to Idealist Consulting for help transferring a paper adoption process to a streamlined online form and payment processing system. In addition to a migration to Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack, Second City Canine Rescue adopted FormAssembly forms with Stripe integration to modernize their adoption application process, which saved hours of manual data entry. 

Read the case study


3. Ashby Village’s Volunteer Request Form

Ashby Village is a volunteer community for seniors based in Berkeley. Their initial project goal was to bring more order to their volunteer management system and achieve easier reporting. Ashby Village worked with Idealist Consulting to revolutionize their volunteer management experience, including a volunteer request built with FormAssembly, which helped to gather more valuable volunteer feedback.  

Read the case study.


In these case studies, Idealist Consulting and FormAssembly worked together to provide innovative solutions for clients. Want even more use cases, nonprofit and beyond? Download FormAssembly’s eBook: 100 Ways to Use FormAssembly. 

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Ready to see what using FormAssembly and Salesforce could look like in your organization? We’d love to chat about optimizing your Salesforce instance.

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